Our - Mission

Development Forum is a non-profit organization with a mission to impact the lives of less privileged human beings , enabling them to maximize their potential and change their lives.

Our vision

Having learnt the lessons in various parameters of societal development as described in our earlier pages and being encouraged by the sustained strength gained by the FORUM in terms of resource management, volunteering personnel in various activities we have now embarked on a vision of holistic development of a region. Though we continue our previous activities which are target oriented to the area of affliction in various regions, we now intend, not to enlarge our operations but to enlarge the scope of our operations by focusing on the core sectors of development relevant to a particular region.In tune to its vision Boranakanive, a small village in Tumkur district of Karnataka state has been selected by the FORUM for holistic development. Social activities are being conducted here. Our next target for holistic development is Ankola taluk of Karnataka state in INDIA. The experience gained in these years has enabled us to identify Infrastructural developments as the core areas for basic development of any deprived region.

The reasons for targeting Ankola is primarily because

    There is a vast scope for development in the region,
    Most of the members of the FORUM belong to the region, which gives a sense of belongingness about
      the region,which in turn makes us remain committed to the cause.
    The issues of Infrastructure are ill-addressed here.

We intend to involve ourselves in Infrastructural and other activities, which would remain sustainable even after our involvement ends.

We understand that the scale of funding required for a regional development is huge.Our earlier concepts and principles were framed to have a strong foundation in the various parameters of social development. Now that we have a strong footing we are encouraged to implement projects of a larger scale. We cannot work on our earlier concepts and principles for projects of such a huge scale

So, we intend to approach govt. for procuring land for the said activities. If there is a delay, the members of DEVELOPMENT FORUM are committed to pool resources for procurement of land. We understand that an administrative machinery is to be put in place to initiate these activities. Hence we have engaged a full time Project Director and he is on the pay-roll of DEVELOPMENT FORUM from the past two years and payments for the services of subject experts, computer consultants, etc. are also being made. It is to state that the payments of the Project Director, subject experts and establishment expenses are not done by any outside funding.

To ensure that the administrative machinery works in tune to the objectives of the FORUM, one member of the FORUM has volunteered himself to engage full-time with the administrative machinery and is engaged from the past one year

Administrative measures like website designing , survey for project designing, project report preparation , hiring of subject experts and other administrative steps have been initiated by the Project Director.

We wish to make it clear that we are not flushed with funds. This web-site will be updated as and when funds are generated and utilized. The expenses for the infrastructural needs of the Office structure viz., Office accommodation, equipments, furniture, establishment expenses and recurring expenditure like salaries, housing need of the staff, power charges, internet expenses, phone charges, travel expenses, etc. are all being borne by the savings of the livelihood earnings of the members of DEVELOPMENT FORUM. The members of the FORUM can pool their resources to administer the salaries of skeleton staff. But, for more, we are entirely dependent on donors who would be generous to the cause of development of social development. 

The highlight on the regional development does not undermine our commitment to earlier activities. Donors can donate to these activities as well, which would be updated to them as and when necessary.

Conscious of the fact that we are dependent on the donors for the regional development projects, we have not set targets for achievement of the same. We would say for certain that as and when we get the funds we would utilize them justifiably and will be updating the same on this website.