The below projects were conceived and designed by the members of DEVELOPMENT FORUM with inputs from subject experts. It was not difficult for the FORUM to ascertain about these, as the need of the people of this region have been a matter of concern to the members of the FORUM since long, as most of them have spent long years here.

Projects in brief


DEVELOPMENT FORUM, with the sole intention of ensuring a holistic development of Ankola region of Uttar-kannada district in the state of Karnataka has conceived of 8 projects which directly embark on providing impetus for the development. None of the projects are profit oriented.
Synopsis of all the projects which are annexed can be perused for details.
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   To provide 3 square meals a day to all the 30 inmates.
   To provide adequate medical care.
   To input spirituality.
    To provide rehabilitation aids and appliances to the needy.
   To meet the spiritual and recreational needs of the elderly.
   To provide counseling and guidance.

The total Project estimate to cater all the above to the selected aged men and women of Ankola region is Rs. 62,10,500 for 3 years after which the project will be self sustainable.
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Youth form 44% of the targeted slums who are in need of some basic skill to become productive and creative.

80% of the Youth of the targeted Community lack skill to become productive as well as creative. In this condition DEVELOPMENT FORUM has identified 400 poor village SC youth of Ankola region ( boys & girls) who expressed their interest to learn computer and set a career in computers. After the training the youth would earn Rs.5000/= per month to become self-sufficient. The total project estimate is Rs. 60,46,000 for 3 years after which the project will be self sustainable.
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An important factor contributing to continued unemployment at very low levels of productivity as well as incomes in the country is the absence of productive skills as demanded by the market and the ability to update the existing skills in tune with changing needs. The situation is graver in case of educated in general and rural educated poor in particular. The informal system of skill development and up-gradation has to be established to facilitate the rural poor for sustainable productive employment and or self-employment. There is a need to tap opportunities and talents at local level and match them with a strong supportive system. The modern economic growth is driven by skills and knowledge that in turn promotes social development. Skilled human potential makes economy more productive, innovative and competitive. The level of employment and its quality pay a crucial role in the development process. Hence a project to enable the disabled of Ankola region is on the anvil of DEVELOPMENT FORUM. The total project estimate is Rs. 16,73,500.
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Rationale for the Project
Chiknayakanahalli taluk of Tumkur district has strong Dalit population that has always depended on agriculture. While few Dalits have managed to retain their small land the vast majority of them have become landless laborers and tenant farmers. They live on the margins of society reeling in rampant unemployment and bare minimum wages.In all, above 100 villages will be covered excluding the town areas. At the beginning the program will be initiated in villages where there is a NGO and a people to ensure maximum local participation and their move to other villages in the second and third years. The total project estimate is Rs. 28,76,200.
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  There would be mobile health care services in Ankola Taluk for 50 villages where the basic access to 
     health service is lacking.
  There would be an increase access to health care in underserved villages of Ankola Taluk.
  Curative health care part of villagers in 50 villages would be ensured
  Children, Women, Adults and Aged in the 50 villages would have raise awareness of their personal
     health, hygiene and sanitation.
  Epidemics, communication diseases and sexually transmitted diseases would come down in the targeted 
     50 villages

The total project estimate is Rs 1,00,60,000 for 3 years after which the project will be self sustainable.
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The Project is conceived to be operationalized in 3 different villages of Ankola Taluk keeping in view the reach of the target population

The services of the doctor, pharmacist and health nurse are shared between all these 3 centers. But the other expenses are triplicated, which arrives to a figure of Rs 11, 45,400. This estimate is for a combined operation of 3 centers. For Project details Click Hereā€¦..
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