4.  Profile

Organisations have a responsibility and legal liability to ensure their staff are adequately prepared and equipped for their work, and this particularly relates to the area of induction, briefing and training prior to deployment. Ignoring or neglecting these areas will certainly have a detrimental impact on programmes, but agencies should also be aware that they risk damaging litigation should negligence on their part be alleged and proven.

Mr. Abdul Gaffar Shaikh

Having served a long stint as headmaster in govt. schools of Ankola region, he understands the intricacies of development in education and the vagaries of poverty stricken people. In his 80’s he is still active to the cause of social development.
He is the beacon/leading light of DEVELOPMENT FORUM.
Prominent Strength- Understands the pulse of the people.
Mr. Irshad Ahamed Shaikh

With his long professional service experience in various capacities both in India and abroad he understood the necessity of an organized forum of likeminded individuals to initiate service related activities. He is the founder of DEVELOPMENT FORUM.
He is aged 47 years and serves in the capacity of Secretary of the organization.
Prominent Strength- Planning & Execution.
Mr. Mohamed. Ashfaq

Toiling in his life, he has come up the hard way. Having experience the hardships of a common man he is sympathetic to the cause of the man on the street. Inculcates the spirit of discipline to the members of the FORUM. He is aged 52 years.
Prominent Strength- Financial discipline.
Mrs. Athar

Intelligent and caring, she is the soft-touch of DEVELOPMENT FORUM. She predominantly gives the finishing touches and enhances the reach of our activities. With good managing skills and experience at her age of 45 yrs, she provides inputs for effective execution of Projects.
Prominent Strength- Loving & Caring.
Mrs. Khustharunnissa

Her access to and know-how about govt. schemes has provided DEVELOPMENT FORUM the direction about development oriented activities where we need to intervene.
Aged 40 years she has been providing valuable inputs to the organization.
Prominent Strength- Helping Nature.
Mr. Mainuddin

A Business Man of Ankola region.
Aged about 62 years he has firsthand experience of the hardships of the poor farmers. He runs businesses for his living needs. His urge to volunteer with the activities of the organization has made him an associate with DEVELOPMENT FORUM in the capacity of member.
Prominent Strength- Skill in understanding cheats.
Mr. Nooruddin

The fun-loving face of DEVELOPMENT FORUM.
Another Business man of Ankola region,he is well-known in the poor farming community of Ankola region. He engages himself in the activities of the organization with a jovial spirit,which has encouraged other members to be light-hearted when things go out of hand. Even at the age of 48 years the turns and twists of life have not made him loose his sense of humour.
Prominent Strength- Sportive spirit.
Mr. Fahim Momin

At the young age of 28, he has forgone his upcoming lucrative career at Deccan Infosystems to volunteer full-time with the vision of DEVELOPMENT FORUM. He has imbibed the concepts of the organization and is enabling the Project Director to work in tune with the objectives of the organization. His basic needs are being met by the livelihood earnings/savings of the members of the organization. He serves the organization in the capacity of Treasurer.
Prominent Strength- Indepth operational insight into issues.
DEVELOPMENT FORUM has inculcated the spirit of harmonizing and synergizing the attributes of all the individual members towards achieving its basic motto-TO SERVE THE NEEDY.
It has been possible because the urge to serve the needy is the predominant factor prevalent among all the members of the organization which has made us come together on a common platform named DEVELOPMENT FORUM.
Every member has a stable source of income for their living. And it implies that to come together as a FORUM for the greater cause cannot be for ulterior motives.