1.Welcome to our website

DEVELOPMENT FORUM is an NGO not only dedicated for, but also engaged in social development.
We understand that we are one of the several such NGOs working in the field for the same cause.
We do not claim that we work with a difference as compared to other NGOs.
We also do not have any outstanding achievements to our credit. 

We simply state that:
DEVELOPMENT FORUM is an organization with a clean track record engaged in developmental activities for the past 20 years.

This implies that DEVELOPMENT FORUM
   Has a long standing sense of commitment towards social development,
   Has an administrative know-how which runs the affairs of the organization smoothly,
   Has no negative attributes contributed to itself on any counts be it financial misindulgence,
      administrative lacunae or anything of the like

In an era where NGOs are incorporated for wrong reasons, we have been different. The members of the FORUM conceived DEVELOPMENT FORUM to develop as an organization which should not depend on huge funds at the outset until it gained the experience of handling large scale projects on its own strength gained in the field/areas of operation
     It was this drive which made us understand the parameters of social development.
     It was this drive which made us commit ourselves to the cause without being greedy.

All these years, our means of raising funds was participatory i.e., funds raised from the defined locality were utilized for the have-nots of the same locality in the relevant area of activity. This was preconceived because we wanted to evolve learning lessons of
     Transparency in utilization of public funds,
    Effective remedial approach,
     Participatory involvement of the donors,
    Creating sense of belongingness.

We consciously avoided utilizing the funds generated, for organizational or administrative expenses. Instead, the members of the FORUM involved themselves voluntarily in all the non-productive spheres viz; survey, administration, fund raising, etc; whenever the need arose. We hired the services of professionals for productive spheres of the activity.
We admit that we have taken a long time to learn these lessons. But we are certain that it has ensured sustenance of the lessons learnt. We now have a committed team of professional volunteers in the fields of health, education, skill enhancement, cultural activities, old-age management.